Our Mission is:

To equip and nurture this church for the

ministry of Jesus Christ in our congregation,

community and the world.


We envision and seek these things to be said of us:

In Worship and Witness that our people are experiencing the grace of God in their worship, joy in their lives, and are increasingly glad to invite others to join in Christ’s ministry through this congregation.

In Christian Nurture that our people in study, fellowship, and service know their great value to God and express that knowledge as a caring community filled with the love of Christ.

In Outreach that our people are making God’s truth, love, and redeeming grace felt and known at home and around the world through missions and benevolent giving, helping the poor, displaced, handicapped, sick, and imprisoned find freedom and new life in Jesus Christ.

In Stewardship that our people are involved in Christian stewardship of life’s gifts and graces and that opportunities are made available for them to share their love for Christ through their gifts to the church.